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PeopleDocs specializes in archival quality Wide Format and Large Document Scanners for every need.  We carry a full line of Flatbed, Sheet Feed, Planetary Book Scanners and Overhead Scanners for Standard and Oversize Materials that exceed resolution and image quality of camera based systems costing far more.  Our markets include Government, Military, Education, Museum and Library Archiving, Mapping, Facilities Management, and Architectural Engineering and Construction.

Big Scanners for Capturing

Fine Art, Paintings and Artifacts


The Contex Ultra X 6090 processes documents up to 60 inches wide with no set limit on length, producing extraordinarily sharp images, with color accuracy superior to any other sheet feed wide format scanner. Document rotation is done on the fly, a scan of an E-sized / A0 document in landscape at 300 dpi in 24bit color takes less than 7 seconds to scan and another 2 seconds to crop, deskew, preview and store.