You can reduce distribution in hardcopy if your project team members are properly tooled.


It has never been easier to print in-house.  Equipment is less space restrictive, materials are safer, and much easier to load paper, toner, ink etc. than before.  And yes, cheaper than ever per square foot, in monochrome and in color.

Stop Wasting Money Sending Your Projects Out

The dichotomy of project document distribution is changing, the economy is dictating the future. Its time to free your projects from being tied into an artificially restrictive reprographic money pit.

Subcontractors are buying wide format printers in record numbers.  They now have computers, email, and web browsers.  They have all the tools they need to bid a job efficiently.  Do you?

  • Avoid paying for sets of plans when you don't have to.
  • Avoid paying for subcontractor or vendor downloads.
  • Avoid paying cost-per-seat for software.
  • When you do need to print, print in-house.

Make one single necessary investment; an in-house digital planroom dedicated to your company's projects.

Digital Plan Room with Built-In Takeoffs Tool

Offloading printing responsibilities to subcontractors and other project team members is certainly less wasteful.  The immediate shift in costs means they are only going to print the documents that they require in hardcopy.  This shift also has these advantages:

Allows better communication with more use of color in drawing sets.  Architects and designers are adopting BIM solutions that demand the use of color in drawings.

Import your sub-list and immediately send out and track invitation to bid (ITB) notices, see exactly who viewed which plans and when they viewed them, and which subs plan on bidding jobs.  The system can also be used to notify planholders of addendums and bulletins, RFI notices. 

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