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Online Digital Plan Room Software

BIM Ready, Color Capable IPD Solutions
Have you heard about this emerging technology called BIM (Building Information Modeling)?  It is going to replace CAD, not just in 2D or 3D, but in 4D and 5D no less!  Or so they say.  No more prints, the project team will have access to a live digital model of the project using their desktops, rugged laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, and eventually their PDAs and phones.

It is fascinating but hard to believe.  It's just difficult to imagine subcontractors on a job site manipulating a computer model on a small handheld computer with a tiny screen, trying to figure out how much cement to pour and where to pour it.  No, most will probably stick with paper plans if offered a choice.

Somewhere down the line, drawing sets will need to be created and distributed to tradespeople working in the field and some will require paper prints.  The process responsible for distribution of project data to team members is becoming known as IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) and that's where online digital plan room software can be very beneficial, if not crucial.


PeopleDocs specializes in the development of customized plan room software applications on today's popular computing platforms including Microsoft® Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix.

PeopleDocs delivers custom web-based front-end solutions integrated with back-end batch processes including document retrieval, printing, scheduling, audit tracking and reporting.

PeopleDocs provides sales and integration of production printing and scanning equipment offering a broad range of custom solutions with single vendor responsibility.

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