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DocIMS Drawing Set Distribution & Reporting

Capture Professional

Capture View

Plan Room Software

Easy to use, browser based, document Search, View and Print software

Cost effective, no costs for client seats or limits on number of documents

Multi OS platform supports mixed computing environments

Shopping cart style batch printing

Distribute drawing sets and documents in PDF, TIFF and DWF

Easy implementation

Low cost of ownership

DocIMS Search, View and Print Tool

DocIMS is an affordable document management solution for locating, viewing, and printing engineering drawings, maps, scanned images, and office documents. DocIMS is a cost effective method for non-CAD users to access and print released design files and associated documents, for activities such as facilities management, procurement and ordering processes, and plan distribution for Construction, Utilities, Manufacturing and Government Agency applications.  Using only a web browser, DocIMS users can quickly find, view, and print drawings and other documentation in a production or office environment, as easy as shopping on the Internet. DocIMS runs as a service on a single PC workstation or server and can be accessed by everybody on the network, and can be routed around firewalls for outside access if required. DocIMS can be pointed at documents residing on the local computer or anywhere on your internal network.  Furthermore, there are no additional costs for client user seats or limits on number of documents, DocIMS gives your organization unlimited access without storage restrictions.

DocIMS provides easy web browser access to all your project plans, specifications, and legal documents from any computer in your company for previewing and print distribution.  Because DocIMS is a web based system, this means the client software is already installed on virtually every computer workstation regardless of OS platform. Not having to schedule IT to install software at every workstation greatly reduces implementation time and cost.  Your investment is protected from the barriers of a mixed computer environment because it can be used on any type of computer, PC, Mac, Linux, or Unix. Furthermore, because it's browser based, DocIMS allows the full advantage to leverage wireless, Tablet PC, and handheld mobile device technologies.

Users can easily assemble their own print sets with a “shopping cart” mechanism. They select the files they want to print and add them to a list which they can rearrange and apply settings such as sheet size and number of copies. Then they can output collated print sets directly to a printer or to a held queue awaiting further review and submission by a print room or reprographics production operator.

The same “shopping cart” mechanism used for Batch Printing can be used to convert entire document sets to PDF, TIFF, DWF and many more file formats for distribution via CD/DVD or email saving lots of money in shipping costs not to mention production delays.

DocIMS can be installed, functional, connected to your data and your key people can be trained in less than a day. Our training programs allow you to select the appropriate method and amount of time that fit your budget and schedule, whether on-site or on-line.


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